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Why You Need Mozilla Firefox?
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Secure Browser For Internet Surfer

Install the latest Mozilla Firefox to reduces risk of getting caught in a phishing and data fraud

Use the latest version of Mozzila Firefox, the most secure and reliable browser for forex trader.

Don't you realize when you online and doing forex-trading transaction, open an account, transfer your e-gold, withdraw margin. maybe someone are trying to steal your account data in many way. how to avoid this? Firefox is a great browser with high secure aspect, and you can tell because the number of people using Firefox is increasing. We aren’t just talking about the total number of Firefox user who looking for high security, Fast and reliable browser —Webmasters all over the world are tracking browser usage on their sites; and number of people using Mozilla Firefox has increased dramatically over the past year.

Some websites report Firefox now accounts for 10 to 15 percent of all browsers. The Firefox shift is an explosion in a browser market held captive by Internet Explorer.

The talk about Firefox being a superior browser to IE isn’t just hype. Firefox trumps in the browser war on several counts:

Security: Malicous code typically targets IE—a problem circumvented by users running Firefox. When you add the Google bar, security gets even better. Google has anti-phishing built in to the Google Toolbar for Firefox which reduces risk of getting caught in a phishing scam.

Useability: Tabbed browsing reduces clutter, improves browsing speed, and reduces processing power needed when browsing the web. Further the Tab Mix Plus extension allows you to save all tabs open in a browsing session—very convenient if you need to shut down your computer.

Features: Countless extensions are available which allow you to customize your browsing experience from changing the look and feel to adding a dictionary, surfing the internet will never be the same. Best of all, extensions install as effortlessly as the Firefox browser itself!

Features: Many more benefits!

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